Major subsea contract to ULSTEIN

ULSTEIN designs and constructs a subsea construction vessel for GC Rieber Shipping.

ULSTEIN designs and constructs a subsea construction vessel for GC Rieber Shipping.
Major subsea contract to ULSTEIN

On 1 June, ULSTEIN signed a contract for the delivery of a high capacity subsea construction vessel of the SX121 design to GC Rieber Shipping, with an option for a second vessel. The newbuilding will be delivered in the first quarter of 2014 and has a value of approximately NOK 800 million.

“GC Rieber Shipping is a solid and experienced shipowner, and we are pleased that they have chosen ULSTEIN for this project. Subsea is one of our focus areas, and we will deliver a state-of-the-art offshore construction vessel (OCV) that will serve the shipowner well in the years to come,” states Gunvor Ulstein, CEO in Ulstein Group.

“We are very happy to award this contract to a Norwegian shipyard,’ says CEO in GC Rieber Shipping, Irene W. Basili, and continues: “Norway is world-leading when it comes to design and quality of specialised offshore vessels. GC Rieber Shipping is deliberate in its efforts in the most demanding areas of the offshore market, and I am confident that we will get a top class vessel from ULSTEIN.”

Managing director in Ulstein Verft, Karsten Sævik, is pleased with the contract: “ULSTEIN has built for GC Rieber Shipping before, and we are happy that they have chosen ULSTEIN again,” he states. “Our organisation has broad expertise in developing this type of vessel together with customers, so this project suits us perfectly. We are looking forward to cooperating with GC Rieber Shipping and to deliver a high quality ship according to contract.”

The ship of SX121 design from ULSTEIN is equipped with a dynamic positioning system of the highest class (DP3).
The subsea construction vessel is 130 metres long and 25 metres wide with a top speed of 14.5 knots. She will be equipped with a large active heave compensated offshore crane with 250 ton capacity at 14 metres outreach and with the winch placed below deck. The crane will mainly be used for lifting and lowering heavy equipment from and to the sea bottom.

The vessel will carry two ROVs; one is to be launched from the starboard side and the other through a moonpool.
The ship has a large cargo deck for OCV work. She will have diesel electric propulsion and three main azimuth thrusters. The vessel can accommodate 130 persons and will be constructed in accordance with the latest international environmental regulations.

The vessel will be prepared for a VLS tower (vertical lay system) and a 2,500 ton rotating carousel below deck, to be used for future pipe laying operations. For that reason, the vessel is also equipped with two moonpools, one for future VLS and one for launching the ROV.


An opening of the hull, giving access to the water below. Through the opening, tools and instruments can be lifted and lowered into the sea.

Active heave compensated:
By the use of hydraulics, heave compensators reduce the effect of vertical ship heave, with the result that the vessel does not require completely calm seas to perform construction work.

Remotely operated vehicle: An underwater robot linked to the vessel by an umbilical cable, which can observe and send data, film, photos and signals from the sea bed.

ULSTEIN, headquartered in Ulsteinvik, Norway, is a trendsetter within ship design, shipbuilding and solutions within power and control. The company develops new solutions in close cooperation with customers worldwide.

About GC Rieber Shipping:
GC Rieber Shipping’s business within offshore/shipping includes ownership in specialized vessels, high quality marine ship management, project development and industrial portfolio management within the segments subsea, ice/support and marine seismic. GC Rieber Shipping currently operates 18 advanced special purpose vessels, of which twelve are owned by the group. The company has its registered office and headquarter in Bergen with ship management companies in Sevenoaks (United Kingdom) and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (Russia). The company is listed on Oslo Børs with ticker RISH.

The vessel is 130 m long and 25 m wide.

The vessel is 130 m long and 25 m wide.
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